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You buy overpriced coffee, right? And sometimes you buy a lottery ticket?

But hey it’s not much money, I can afford it you tell yourself.

Yet when it comes to education and investing in ourselves and our business we are much harder to persuade.

    • I can’t afford it
    • Will it be worth it?
    • It’s just not the right time, I will just wait and see what happens

Ok so before we go any further

  • You can afford it
  • It will almost always be worth it
  • It’s always the right time

Many of us are very busy and so apart from cost, we are juggling our learning & development around work, kids, family and so on. The great thing is there is such a range of options available to you for less than you might think.

First really look at what you want to learn. Research whats available online. There may be free content on websites like this one, youtube or other free sources.

Then there are paid courses/membership sites which can range in price depending on content and level of complexity. But generally speaking with sites like Udemy which has courses on just about anything you have a lot of choices. Most courses are rated by other users so you can get an idea of what you are buying before you hand over your cash.

Now, this is not the only site you can try there are many others which cover a wide range of topics like Udemy but more importantly there are specialist courses and sites for niche areas. So narrow down what you want to learn and research your topics and you will likely get a better return on your investment.

The point is, it doesn’t matter if its free or paid content, if you can apply the knowledge you learn from a course to your business and improve it, its money well spent.

Choosing to learn online also has the advantage of learning when it suits you. You can choose any time and location that works with your schedule.

Many courses have audio or downloads you can consume on the go so even if you are trying to start a business while in a full-time job you can listen, read or watch during your commute or late at night.

Embrace whats available, invest in yourself and watch your business be the better for it.

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