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In many ways Shopify and Clickfunnels are similar. They have enabled entrepreneurs the world over to build and launch online business’s without needing a computer science degree or a team of tech people. They are both provide out of the box solutions to super frustrating problems. However they are different tools with different core functionality but harnessing the power of both can make amazing things happen. Let’s take a look at how this works…..

Before we go any further lets just be clear here, you can sell products with just Clickfunnels or Shopify individually. They both allow e-commerce features for products and integrate with fulfilment services and payment gateways etc etc.

Commonly I see people asking questions about Shopify being a Clickfunnels alternative and things like Clickfunnels vs Shopify and so on.

While both platforms are individually better at certain aspects of selling and online business, the smart business owner will see the benefit in combining them for superior results.

Let’s talk Shopify strategy

Ok so we know Shopify is great as an online store solution. For those who have a large range of products it provides an online store and shopping cart solution. Often this e-commerce store will also double as the main website for your business. It also integrates with services like Oberlo and others which make things like Drop shipping super easy and efficient. Likewise you can integrate it with your own fulfilment system if you are filling the orders directly.

So if it does all of that why would you chose to use a sales funnel? ‘Can’t I just send traffic to my Shopify store and watch the dollars role in?’ I hear you ask.

The simple fact is that people spend a lot of time and energy browsing on your e-commerce store. You might have hundreds or even thousands of products and product lines. The vast range of choice and the overall shopping experience can lead to shopper fatigue and they end up leaving your store with a bunch of stuff sitting in the shopping cart because they cannot decide what to buy.

Suddenly it becomes clear

Recently I was working with an E-commerce store owner. He has a great product and has done the hard work to build a brand around his business. On the surface it looked like it should be easy. He has a great profile, celebrity endorsements, major television network coverage and more besides. So why is he looking for help with his online store?

The bottom line was he was not making sales. Visitor numbers to his store were not bad but conversion and sales were terrible. He was on the verge of giving up despite having so many positives going for him.